Come Stake in Skrimples Boneyard.

The boneyard

Skrimples is the scrappiest, stinkiest pup on the block. He’s hell bent on helping his fellow pups get their fair shake, which is why he’s giving everyone a chance to earn some $SKRIMP! Stake your Shib based assets in the Boneyard to earn crazy APY paid in $SKRIMP. Stake your $BONE, $SHIB, $LEASH, and $PEPE… and of course, stake your $SKRIMP.

LSD-Fi for Shibarium

Skrimples’ very purpose in life is to enlarge his bonepile. $BONE is the gas token of Shibarium, and Skrimples is the LSD solution for the network. Liquid staking allows users to delegate their $BONE to validators while staying in possession of a token pegged to $BONE. It’s called liquid staking because you’re staking, while staying liquid.

Validator Registry

Validators are encouraged to join Skrimples’ Validator Registry. Fill out this form to register. The more $SKRIMP that they stake in the Boneyard, the greater the delegation they will receive from his LSD. Our protocol follows the model of POLIDO (Lido for Polygon). For more info read our docs.


The Ruffhouse Gang is a group of degenerate canine blockchain crusaders that join Skrimples on the mission to create greater bonepiles for all who worship decentralization.
Many on the Ruffhouse Gang claim Skrimples to have been Ryoshi’s canine when he was penning the first draft of $SHIB’s whitepaper. To become a member of the Ruffhouse Gang you need to stake $SKRIMP.
Some speculate that Skrimples is the former AI pet of Satoshi Nakamoto, who escaped from Nakamoto and became sentient.


Skrimples the uncontested top little big dog. It is said that his presence alone grants the canines of the Ruffhouse Gang coding abilities.
He spends his days growling, being mean and, somehow using his small doggy paws to write code.
Nobody knows for sure how he does it, because he spends his days at the top of an enormous bonepile, but it is known that is at the forefront of (or IS the forefront) of ai technology and cryptocurrency.


$SKRIMP is a new token that is making waves in the hood. With an initial supply of 69,000,000,000 and backed by SHIBA Inu's $BONE, $SKRIMP is quickly gaining popularity among crypto enthusiasts, especially Shiba Inu and especially Shibarium enthusiasts.
As a $SKRIMP holder, you'll have the opportunity to be a part of the gang and enjoy all the benefits that come with it. But it's not just about the fun and games. The tokenomics of $SKRIMP are designed to support marketing, development, liquidity, and the Bonepile, ensuring the long-term growth and success of the project.
So, if you're looking for a new crypto adventure and want to be a part of the gang, $SKRIMP might just be the token for you.
Total Supply: 69,000,000,000 $SKRIMP

$SKRIMP: Backed by $BONE

Tax: 5% Buy / 5% Sell

1% for the Bonepile

2% for Marketing

2% for Development




BIMPU$ - Occasionally maniacal
Bimpus is Skrimples’ lead disciple. He is remarkably old, and has his head always in code. When he is not coding he is angry. When he sees bonepile not growing he codes more furiously. Ole Bimpus does bite, beware of the dev.
Skrimples has big plans for all$SHIB fits and misfits to share in the glory of his bonepile.